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The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

...and turns into a gazelle.

11 December
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Okay, so i'm redoing this because the other one made me sound like a weirdo.
Some things you should know about me are:
I am obsessed with My Chemical Romance. I love them and they make me happy. (Proud member of the MCRmy since 2006)
I have social anxiety.
Spiders freak me out. Even thinking about them in detail makes me all paranoid and stuff.
I tend to digress a lot when talking. Both online and in person. Keeping me on track with one subject is like... telling Frank Iero stay still when performing. It just can't be done.
I'm addicted to Frerard. I love it. It's really sexy.
There are very few things i enjoy about high school. At this moment in time, i have a month and a half until graduation and i plan on leaving everything behind when i leave the place. Even friends. (Except for about two people that i actually like.)
If i could live online, i would.

Um... Anything else, you can message me or friend me. I usually friend back ^.^